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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Gender Role

A Woman’s Place and a Man’s Duty
The author Maria Del Carmen Triana explains the vast difference between the wage income gap over the years between men and women, and how it plays an important role in today’s competitive society. Gender income gaps have become a hot debate topic for many. Gender income gaps can affect a marriage and family as well as cause friction in the work place. Sexual discrimination also plays an important role in Gender income gaps as well. In most Corporate and White Collar jobs, stereotypes and wage earner status have an effect on men and women. Triana explains what she calls “home related spillover discrimination” which is, women being primary wage earners in households. Triana also goes on to explain that a major wage difference between men and women could be a new form of sexual discrimination. Because this is one of the first studies showing stereotyping roles, it can only be an assumption. According to Triana, research in the work place are being penalized thru wage earning for gender role playing. (Dipboye 1985; Heilman 1983). Triana Proposes that the idea of what feminine and masculine behavior in the work place should be can actually work against the female primary wage earner. She feels that this gender behavior could influence people to “under- award” the female to keep them from succeeding too far ahead of their husbands.

Gender Deviance and Household Work
In this article about Gender Roles, Daniel Schneider reports that couples spending a substantial amount on housework such as repairs around the house, shopping, cooking and cleaning could be defined as “Gender Work.” Housework was once referred to as a “Woman’s job.” Studies show that men are stepping into the position to help in the home and watch the children while the mother fulfills her job requirements in Corporate America. The author claims that “predictions” have been focusing on wives that earn more than their husbands, which...