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Topics: Gender role, Gender, Woman Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Annotated Bibliography

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Luddy, J. G. & Thompson, E. r. (1997). Masculinities and violence: A father-son comparison of gender traditionality and perceptions of heterosexual rape. Journal of Family Psychology. 11 (4), 462-477. Doi: 10. 1037/0893-3200. 11.4.462 Jeffery G. Luddy is a counselor at The Bridge of Central Massachusetts. In this article Thompson explains the difference between rape in men and women. He goes on to break down the vast comparison on how society opinion differs in what men perceive as sexually assaultive behavior. He uses charts and data gathered by research to show comparisons.

María Del, C. T. (2011). A woman's place and a man's duty: How gender role incongruence in one’s family life can result in home-related spillover discrimination at work. Journal of Business and Psychology. Vol.1 (pp. 71-86). Maria Del Carmen Triana earned her PhD in management at Texas A&M University. She has a MBA from the University of Arizona. The article A Woman’s Place and a Man’s Duty appeared in The Journal of Business and Psychology Volume 26 Issue 1. (2010). this article is about how men are starting to become secondary in wage earnings and women are the primary bread winners of the family. The article goes on to explain the definition of “Spillover Discrimination” and how male secondary wage earners are overqualified and are offered higher recommendations in the work place.

Reid, S. & Lewis K. Some don’t like their blues at all. The Prentice Hall Guide for College Writers. (2005) 9th Edition (pp. 178-80).

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This Essay is about influences of how biased gender affects society. It uses a lot of stereotypes of how men and women see each other. The author feels the advertisement portrays women as being submissive and sexy, and men as being dominant and violent. The advertisement of a man and a woman further explains the point of view. The man is powerful and muscular while the woman appears to be fragile and sexy....
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