Explain How, Although He Was an Autocrat, Napoleon Helped Put Into Practice Many of the Ideals of the French Revolution.

Topics: French Revolution, Reign of Terror, Feudalism Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: April 11, 2012
Although an autocrat, Napoleon is revered by many as the son of the French Revolution as he single-handedly implemented the ideas of “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity”. Napoleon implemented the ideologies of French Revolution which were derived from the Enlightenment by introducing the Napoleonic Code, lycee and baculerrate education, constitutions and meritocracy. These reforms could have only been implemented by a strong ruler with the power of the modern state tailored to suit his motives of maintaining his power.

During the start of the French Revolution the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen was not really put into complete practice. During the reign of terror, the nation grew weary of terror and turmoil and therefore welcomed Napoleon’s rule. Ten years of upheaval had the firm rule much more appealing. Napoleon seized power and was welcomed by the nation even though he was an autocrat as he brought the end to the terror and started executing various enlightened ideals. During the first few months of Napoleon’s rule were most productive. After seizing power in coup d’état in 1799 and forming a consulate he passed new constitutions and with popular approval in 1804 became an emperor with absolute power. Napoleon like most autocrats had certain motives for implementing the radical reforms of the French Revolution. It allowed his to maintain his position as an autocrat by giving reforms so people would be happy and continue supporting him. By using meritocracy he rewarded only those that earned his loyalty and by improving society earned the support of people. He used his popularity and charisma to maintain order which was crucial for Napoleon in order to survive being an autocrat. Napoleon used his powerful position as the ruler of France to bring reforms as it was an instrument to maintaining his power. He brought about freedom of religion by the Concordat of Bologna in 1801 which allowed state to control religious affairs and...
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