Topics: Europe, French Revolution, Paris Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: February 25, 2012
Napoleon was indeed a great man, in that he made a significant impact on the course of history, although with both positive and negative consequences. He was one of history's greatest military commanders and succeeded in conquering most of Europe and did much to modernize the nations he ruled. He also introduced the Code Napoleon, which brought unity, order, progress and reform to France and Europe and the Code is still used today. He had a big impact on history. If he wouldn’t have an impact on history I think he would not be talked about how he is talked about today. He wanted his dream to come true and it did, his dream was to be remembered and he is. Napoleon's campaigns upset the balance of power in old Europe and spread the ideals of the French revolution throughout Europe. His military campaigns were brilliant and innovative. His armies did indeed commit some atrocities and in many ways Napoleon was a hypocrite especially after he made himself Emperor, still he was admired by many for spreading the French republican ideals and toppling the old European order. In his marches through Europe he emancipated the Jews and granted a number of civil liberties in occupied countries that did not exist before the invasion. He supported the sciences and even brought archaeologists with him to Egypt. In all the hardships of campaigns Napoleon never lost the love and affection of his soldiers. He had an excellent education that he used to his advantage. He displayed great persistence in carrying out decisions. He was unique in his method to rule and embodied several characteristics of the French Revolution through his active reign as Emperor. It can be seen that from a very young age that Napoleon was clever. He attended a royal military school in Paris where he was able to benefit from better teaching and stern discipline. His career ended on a low when he was beaten at waterloo and exiled, however he is still viewed as brilliant commander, whereas some commanders in...
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