Experiment on Perceptual Inconsistency

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Psychology Experiment No. 2

Effect of Inconsistency of Objects in Scenario on Perception


In our everyday lives, we are used to seeing objects within their particular characteristic scenarios. For example, it is nothing to wonder if we see a person browsing the internet in a computer lab or a car speeding on a road. However, when we see an object which is inconsistent with the environmental setting, we do feel alarmed. Thus, it is shocking for us to see someone working on a laptop while sitting in the middle of a busy thoroughfare!

These kinds of inconsistent sights indeed make our heads turn, possibly making our perception rather keener and sharper. The following experiment explored this idea and tried to answer whether our perception is really quickened and sharpened due to the object-scenario inconsistency in any picture.


Subjects were shown five pairs of Consistent and Inconsistent pictures. An example of a Consistent picture is a ship in a sea, whereas an Inconsistent picture shows cars on the surface of an ocean. Each picture was separately developed into a movie clipping, visible to a subject just for a fraction of a second. First, a subject was shown a Consistent picture and asked to describe what he/she saw in the picture, especially in the foreground. He was then shown an Inconsistent picture and asked the same thing. A correct answer was marked with ‘1’ and an incorrect one with ‘2’.


H0: There is no difference in perception of scenes whether they incorporate consistent or in-consistent objects.

H1: Scenes are more perceptible when they incorporate an inconsistent object in their surroundings.


Four subjects, 2 males and 2 females, between the ages of 15 and 25.


Subject |Sex |Age(Years) |Picture

Pair 1 |Picture

Pair 2 |Picture

Pair 3 |Picture

Pair 4 |Picture

Pair 5 | | | | |C |IC |C |IC |C |IC |C |IC |C |IC | |1 |M |15 |1 |1 |1 |1 |1 |1 |1 |1 |1 |1...
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