Exotic Fruit

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Nowadays, people can easily obtain food from other countries. Some people may deliberate that exotic fruit and vegetables form developing countries are not reliable. However, in my opinion, to promote importing exotic fruit and vegetables from developing countries sounds a feasible idea.

To begin with, the import of exotic fruit and vegetables can diminish the capital used on the study of food. Developed countries usually focus on tertiary industry. Resources devote on researching or technology should always be put on the top priority. Therefore, the investigation on exotic fruit and vegetable can be given to the developing countries.

Moreover, trading can help to establish a friendly relationship between the developed and developing countries. They can rely on each other to provide the different needs for their citizens. For example, developing countries offer food for the developed countries while the developed countries pay for the food. This does not only satisfied both sides, but also make the world more union.

Last but not least, since exotic fruit and vegetables required less technology to developed, developing countries are capable enough to manage it. Developing countries usually depend on primary and secondary industries. Agriculture, for instance. As a result, they would have some special and professional techniques towards growing crops.

In conclusion, the import of exotic fruit and vegetables helps developed countries to reduce the expenditure on the field on food. It also improves the relationship between different countries. Besides, developing countries are skilled enough to accomplish the development of exotic fruit and vegetables.

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