Topics: Mind, Cicero, Psychology Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Exercise is the best medication for life without any cost. I think Marcus Tullius Cicero’s attitude (a Roman statesman and philosopher) is closer to my own, “it is exercise alone that supports the spirits and keeps the mind in vigor.” According to me, I would say that exercise can bring mental focus, self-esteem and relieve stress. There are many benefits from doing exercise. Firstly, exercise can help people increase mental focus. It keeps help the brain sharp well into any ages, especially old age. It also helps me improve everything that involves mental health such as focus and concentrate. My mental mind can remember more because of the physical workout. Increasing self-esteem is the second advantage. Nowadays, we are living in society which people are bothered by self-image, so we are trying to look perfect. Exercise can help us to build up our body. Moreover, people look better and more confident which empowers people in everything to do. Finally, exercise also is a good way to relieve stress or depression. I recommend that exercise right after work is the great natural way to change the mood. People will sleep better too. I am one of the people who try to do exercise to decrease stress, depression or my issues in my life. I go to the gym very often and every time I come back I feel good and more relaxed. In conclusion, exercise is o perfect way to have happy life and good health. It does support the spirit and the mind in vigor.
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