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  • Published : February 5, 2012
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Allison knows that exercise is good for her health, but she figures that she can keep her weight down by dieting, and worry about her heart and health when she gets older. "I look good. I feel OK. Why should I bother exercising?" she asks. What would you reply about the importance of exercise?

The concerns of health wellness is important for each individual because it relates to their physical comfort, character, personality , growth , and their well-being. Every individual engages in these physical activities at the interest of pursuing a healthy lifestyle with activeness towards daily life activities with endurance, flexibility, and strength, and a toned-down body proportional weight based on height ratio . Some people debate that they can control their physical well-being through other resorts such as dieting , using medical measures , or simply being contented with their current build Considering the inquiry presented in the question mentioned before , it appear that Allison does not realize the other benefits acquired through exercise activities .

Performing exercises can significantly benefit the performance of the individual. Contrary to the common view , exercise does not only help through the body in controlling weight, maintaining muscle tone , and aiding the body characteristics . You can also gain other benefits from exercise activities related to the emotional condition of the individual involved . Researches have linked exercise towards mental capacity wherein people who regularly engage in such activities developed longer and more efficient mental capacity relative to concentration , memory , and endurance. During exercise , the human brain releases hormones called dopamine that gives off pleasant...
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