Health Synthesis Paper

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  • Published : March 3, 2012
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Synthesis Paper

Exercise can be very challenging to commit to. As a young adult my ideas and hopes were to always begin and maintain a routine that would help me to stay active and healthy. I regretfully report that I have not yet committed to this effort. In high school, I ran with the track team and was faithful the Reserve Officer Training Corps which helped me to stay in shape and remain fit with much effort. This was just a part of my life and I enjoyed it. I would like to begin exercising once again. My goal is to increase stamina, flexibility, and lose stomach fat. Research

An exercise routine has been found to reduce personal stress, anxiety, and increase self-esteem. (Brannon & Feist, 2010. Ch.15). “We have seen that people who exercise regularly decrease their risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes; improve their cholesterol ratio; have lower levels of depression; decrease anxiety level; and have fewer stress-related illnesses. Exercise may not be the direct cause of enhanced feelings of self-esteem, but it may contribute indirectly through each of these factors. Alternatively, exercise may not raise global self-esteem but may be limited to physical self-esteem”( Brannon & Feist, 2010 Ch 15) (Ryan, 2008). Aerobic exercise could be a method used. This type of exercise is great for increased oxygen flow. Jogging, brisk walks, skiing, swimming, riding bikes, and dancing are all activities I enjoy doing ( Brannon & Feist, 2010. Ch 15 ). I am a believer that if you enjoy the same thing that motivates you; then your goal will have a greater chance of success. Isotonic exercise could also be beneficial to the appearance of my body. This requires weight lifting and muscle building. Although I am not too concerned about muscle growth I would like to see certain areas begin to firm up and take shape. I am looking for a tone and more lean body. Running and jogging would be my two key elements in...
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