Executive Summary: Yahoo, Hadoop, and Green Computing

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  • Published : December 13, 2011
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Yahoo – Hadoop and Green Computing
Executive Summary:

Yahoo, an American internet corporation currently utilizes a global cloud computing infrastructure that relies heavily on a technology called Apache Hadoop. Yahoo’s ability to crunch unimaginable amounts of data for the purpose of creating increasingly relevant experiences for its users is based on this Apache Hadoop technology. Apache Hadoop works with the cloud to process and analyze all of the data Yahoo collects efficiently. Because Yahoo places a high importance on its ability to customize results and stories for users, Hadoop is crucial, specifically by enabling previously unattainable feats of efficiency and speed. One area of IT infrastructure that partners really well with the capabilities of cloud computing that Yahoo uses is green computing, utilizing green server farms. I’m going to recommend that Yahoo increase its utilization of these new green server farms to maximize operational efficiency. Scenario Description:

Yahoo, was founded in Santa Clara, California in January of 1994. It is best known for its web portal, search engine, advertising, mail and news clients, online mapping and many other services. It prides itself on being able to ‘cut through the noise’ and help people find what they want in a curated environment. Yahoo’s web portal provides current content such as news, entertainment, sports and weather as well as connecting users to other Yahoo services like Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Maps, Yahoo! Finances among others. Yahoo is able to collect massive amounts of data from its users through its web services as well as from advertisers. Fascinatingly, although smaller than Google with respect to page hits, Yahoo actually collects much more data than other competitors, as much as 2,500 records a month from each of its visitors (6). As you can imagine, this data is incredibly useful to Yahoo in its ability to add value to users by showing them personalized results, as well as...
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