Executive Summary

Topics: Bank, Finance, Financial services Pages: 3 (745 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Executive Summary
This document provides detail of my achievements in terms of practical implementation and understanding of working environment in bank, I had done my internship at Soneri Bank Pvt. Limited. During the intship I have learnt basic banking work and also practical work which I had not acknowledged before. I worked in different departments and learnt basic operations of the departments. Account opening department, Clearing department, etc. while spending my time in different departments; I have learned what professional attitude to adopt while dealing with external as well as internal customers. I have filled out the different vouchers and slips such as Current Account slip, PLS Saving Account deposit slip, etc. This document provided aspect of Soneri Bank limited and one of its branches. This report is composed of SBL History, SBL Introduction, organizational structure, its different departments and recommendations, etc. SBL organizational and financial structure is very trustworthy. SBL has some weakness but by using the strength SBL can over-come the weakness as SBL is the strong and leading bank, but it also faces many threats but it has many opportunities to overcome the threats.

This report is specially meant for the students of BS Accounting and Finance (Hons). It is concerned to a brief study of the operations, functions and task of SBL of Pakistan Banking plays a very important role in the commerce and economic development of a country. Now-a-days banks are using different modern technologies, which influence the managerial activities, that is why I decided to do my internship training in the bank. In preparation of this report I have tried my best to provide all possible information about the operation, function and tasks of SBL in brief and comprehensive form. It also includes a brief description of the departments that I had worked during internship. I have also tried my best to use simple and easy words and language. This...
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