Excluding Students as Punishment

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Excluding Students

It has been argued that excluding students from school activities as punishment is unfair. They are wrong. Setting an example out of a student deters other students from committing the same offense. When I attended high school some of my classmates were excluded from school activities. Excluding students from school activities is a useful punishment.

To begin with, excluding students will teach them to exercise better judgment. Being punished, to an extreme extent, makes one not want to repeat the same offense. For example, my classmate Jeff was excluded from prom for smoking. The principal decided to make an example out of him and banned him from prom. The possibility of being excluded from future school activities made Jeff clean up his act. After the incident Jeff quit smoking and attended class regularly. Other students heard of Jeff’s punishment and decided to quit smoking. Similarly, Nancy was not allowed to attend graduation. Nancy was caught speeding in a school zone, with passengers in the car. Missing out on graduation prompted Nancy to better herself. Nancy changed her driving habits and obeyed all traffic laws almost immediately. Being punished severely made Nancy decide not to make the same mistake twice. In these instances, you can see that severely punishing students for bad decisions does work.

Furthermore, excluding students teaches them about real world consequences. Teenagers think they can do anything they want, and not be punished accordingly. For instance, Eric used to break into lockers and thought he was unstoppable. Eric expected to only get a slap on the wrist. Eric was charged with grand theft and banned from all future school activities. SUSD police booked Eric into juvenile hall. Theft on campus was greatly reduced after students found out about what happened to Eric. In addition, Jaime was caught writing graffiti on school property. As part of his punishment Jaime was not allowed to...
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