Zero Tolerance

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Zero Tolerance 1

Zero Tolerance Policy
TCH 535
Grand Canyon University
Karen Bannen
December 5, 2012
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The zero tolerance policy was created to prevent weapons from being bro9ught to school, but how far is too far? In a junior or senior high setting the policy is more understood and justified, however, in an elementary setting one may argue that the policy is a little harsh. How does one classify what a weapon is? While it is easy to discuss typical weapons, for example guns or knife, it may not be so easy to distinguish between others like pepper spray or homemade bombs. This paper will discuss the authors’ opinion on zero tolerance in the elementary setting and create a plan of action for a scenario.

The zero tolerance policy is not one to take lightly, however it seems a little harsh for an elementary school setting. What one child may think of as a toy, an adult might consider it a weapon causing the child to be expelled when all he or she was doing was playing. Suspensions have doubled over the past two decades(Carr, 2012). The policy is needed, yet it is very broad and should be looked into. Elementary students are not mature enough to realize what could be considered a weapon. In certain cases, such as the case being reviewed, the policy is too harsh and could be very damaging to a student. A 2011 study shows that students who were suspended or expelled were twice as likely to repeat a grade as compared to those who did not receive such punishment (Carr, 2012).

This writer believes that the case reviewed should have been handled in a different manner and that the police should have never been involved. The student was inspired to be creative and use science skills to create a rocket, he was not intending to harm anyone and probably wanted to show teachers and friends. For using his imagination he was invited to a rocket workshop, yet lost school...
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