Exclamation Point Use

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Contain The Excitement!

At the start of its life in the world of grammar, the exclamation point was used for declaration. He would often be seen following a group of emotions specifically devoted to expressing themselves emphatically. The exclamation point was always seen alone, however as time moved forward he would soon be joined by his peers. Today the exclamation point is over populated. In these expressive times we must decrease the use of the exclamation point and stop the abuse of this overused mark of punctuation.

It was not long ago that the exclamation point was obedient and followed the proper rules of the grammar lifestyle. Today the mark tends to gets excited and rebellious. It is our duty to be sure the exclamation point does not run wild and free. It is not uncommon for a reader of a text message stating, “Oh My GOOOODNESSS!!!!!!!!!” Other than obvious spelling errors, this user was not cautious in using the exclamation point. Instead, the user takes for granted the exclamation point. A second exclamation point, followed by a third, and then a fourth is inserted. Once the points are all grouped together, they begin to work as one giving the writer the illusion that the sentence is incomplete. This is what creates the urge to continue adding a fifth and sixth exclamation point. There are simple steps we can take to decrease the high ratio of exclamation point usage. Before adding an exclamation point, be sure the statement is expressing strong feelings, such as a command or a state of shock. If the sentence lacks the emotion for an exclamation, simply insert a period and move on. Next if you are using quotations the exclamation must be within the quotations. Otherwise the habit to multiply will set in without the proper borders. Finally be sure the exclamation point is at the end of the sentence. These are beginning steps to eliminating over usage of the exclamation point.

The exclamation point is an important punctuation...
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