Excercise and Obesity

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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Exercise and Obesity
Obesity has been a lingering concern for many years. However it has recently became an epidemic in the United States. Due to a decreased level of physical activity, more children and adults are becoming obese than ever before. However, obesity is a condition that can be controlled through a balanced diet and exercise. Obesity rates among children and adults can and will be reduced with proper care of the body.

Obesity is when an individual has an excess amount of total body fat. Obesity happens when a person’s calorie intake exceeds the amount of calories used within the body. These excess calories are stored as body fat in the individual, which leads to excessive weight gain. There are a number of factors that contribute to the fast rising obesity rate. First, there has been a dietary change to energy-rich foods with high sugar and fat content. Secondly, there has been an increase in sedentary jobs and physical activities. Basically people are consuming more calories, but moving less to burn them off.

Obesity increases the risk of individuals suffering from chronic diseases. Individuals are highly likely to suffer from such conditions as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. “ In 2004-2005, 60% of all Americans had at least one chronic health condition, 26% suffered from two or more chronic health conditions and after the age of 55, those percentages rose to 78% and 47% respectively”( Machin, Cohen and Beauregard, 2008)

Obesity is an issue that can be controlled through a balanced diet and plenty of exercise. Many experts agree that eating a wholesome plant-based diet is the single best thing that we can do to protect our health (Rose 2011). In addition, eating a well-rounded, plant based diet also helps treat and reverse obesity, diabetes, and a lot of other ailments.

With the amount of health issues and the bullying of people that struggle with weight the world can see how obesity is a problem, not only in...
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