Fast Food

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Body mass index Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Fast Food
Nowdays many people prefer to eat fast foods instead of healthy foods. The reason why people enjoy fast foods are because food comes out faster than any other food, Mostly simillar speed to microwaving food, It is one of the conveniest way to get food. However in the same time fast food is contributing big problem, not only in US, All over the world, which is obesity. Obesity is a medical disorder in which body fat has gathered to such an extent that it may have a negative effect on the overall health condition of a person, people are supposed to be obese when their Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement is greater than 30 Kg / m2.

Obesity is one of major problem in US in nowdays, for example of united states, it approximately about 34% of americans And 20% of children in America suffering from obesity. And obesity is caused by the incrasing of calories high fat foods like meat, dairy, fried foods, grain dishes with added fat, sugary drinks and desserts as soft drinks, juice drinks, desserts, salty foods like snacks, also becuase of less exercising but taking high calory, fat foods. Fast foods are most prime examples of obesities, Since Fast foods have high fats, high calories, high carbs and high sodiums. But it is excessively unbalanced, which fastfood does not or contains less vitamins and fibers, important part to maintain human bodies. Since it is not balanced out, our body can’t work promptly; it accumulate the fat’s and calories inside our body, And later on it cames out as obese. However, in the other hand, People buys the fast food eventhough they know it’s high calories and fats, Becuase fast food’s are fast, convenient, and cheap. People who working on companies, they do not have much time to have food, So they’re keep eating fast foods. For youth’s fast food is cheap and convenient, Some burgers are even $1 so they do not need to worry about money. And some parents, since they do not have time because time, they buy the fast food to...
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