Examples of Segregation in America

Topics: Brown v. Board of Education, Montgomery Bus Boycott, Civil disobedience Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Event| When and where did it happen?| Who was involved?Actions taken?Strategy?| What were the key events? Was it legal?| What was achieved? Implications?| Emmett Till| | | | |
GreensBoro Sit Ins| February 1st 1960| Lots of students, Ezell Blair, SNCC, White protestors. 4 black teenagers refuse to not be served at lunch counter and sit there all day causing massive civil right movement.| Key Events: * Ezell Blair and 3 friends request to be served at white lunch counter but get denied at F.W Woolworths in Greensboro * More blacks and even whites join in the ‘sit in’ all across America. * Blacks and Whites begin to get arrested but they continue with the moral of ‘non-violent demonstrations’ * White merchants begin to protest back saying that the protests where ‘bad for business’. * 1961 Lunch segregation is almost gone. * White merchants forced into integration, as due to the protests they lose business.| | Plessy vs Ferguson| It happened on June 7, 1982 on a whites only car party of a train.| The people involved were Plessy, the state. State gave Plessy trail and deemed guilty.| Key Events: * Plessy sitting on white only car. * Plessy getting taken to court. * Plessy pleading innocent but still getting deemed guilty.| Plessy might have implied to the greater society that segregation at such a small scale was unnecessary as it turned into a state court case.| Rosa Parks| December 1st 1955, on a Montgomery Bus.| The people involved were Rosa Parks and the U.S Supreme Court. Black Bus Boycott at 75% of bus passengers were black, running the company dry.| Key Events: * Rosa Parks finishing her working day tired and boarding a segregated bus. * Plessy sitting down in the middle section of bus and later by law having to give up her seat to a white man who wanted it. * Plessy refused in giving up her seat which resulted in her getting arrested. * African American Community (NAACP) organised a massive boycott with...
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