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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Benefits of English Fluency to the Economy
(Conducted by BSEd students of SLTCFI) Name of Respondent: ______________________________________________________________ Position:_________________________________________________________________________ Institution:_______________________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________________ →Please check the corresponding slot representing your response. •CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT

1)By whom were you appointed to office?
[ ] President [ ] Vice President [ ] Dean [ ] Other (Specify:_________________ ) 2)To whom are you directly responsible?
[ ] President [ ] Vice President [ ] Dean [ ] Other (Specify:_________________ ) →QUESTIONS:
1)In your job, is it important that you must be fluent in English language for the good conversation of Every employee? [ ] Yes [ ] No
2)If your country has a strong economy, is fluency in spoken English important? [ ] Yes [ ] No 3)Do you agree that if one country can speak English fluently, it has a weak economy? [ ] Yes [ ] No 4)Is it possible that cooperation/participation of every individual affect the progress of economy? [ ] Yes [ ] No

5)It is important for a leader to learn first the universal language just to converse and deal with other rich countries? [ ] Yes [ ] No 6)Do you think that some other countries that have a strong economy like china doesn’t care if they’re not fluent in speaking English? [ ] Yes [ ] No 7)Do you think that Filipinos are fluent in speaking English? [ ] Yes [ ] No 8)Do you believe that our country has knowledge about speaking in English? [ ] Yes [ ] No 9)Do you agree that some of the Filipinos abroad can speak in English fluently? [ ] Yes [ ] No 10)Do you think that there is a connection between speaking English fluently and having a...
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