The Compliments Responses Across Gender in English and Non-English Department

Topics: English language, Department store, Gender Pages: 7 (1929 words) Published: March 18, 2013
The Compliments Responses across Gender in English and Non-English Department Nisa Eka Aprilia
Study of English Education Language and Literature, Universitas Brawijaya Indonesia
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1. Introduction
In this era, a lot of female wants to be equal or wants to be on same level with male existence. Many female becomes feminist, sometimes they called womanist and they fought for woman emancipation. But they still have difference opinion between female and male, for example difference responses of compliments. Actually, the difference in compliment responses is not only from across gender but also from educational background for example difference major or program study can also becomes a factor of this phenomenon. There are also many research about this one of the pragmatics issue, such as the compliment responses across gerder in Philiphine by Rodrigo Concepcion Morales in 2009 and the influence of education background on compliment responses by Yuanyuan Gao & Suzhen Ren from China on February 2008. This paper try to analyze what kind of the compliment responses given by students in English and Non-English Department in Brawijaya University. There some questions that underlying this paper.

4.1. Is there any difference compliment responses between male and female ? 4.2. Is there a big gap of responses that given by English and Non-English students ? 4.3. What is the effects or advantages for writer and readers after knowing the subject’s compliments responses ?

In pragmatics role, the compliments and the compliment responses become one of the sub unit in speech event and also relates to politeness. Compliments and compliment responses can be also expressives, one of speech act classification.

The definiton of compliments based on Holmes (1988, p. 485 addopted Roderigo, p.1) is a speech act that has positive value by the speaker and also the heareer or addresse, that explicitly or implicitly ascribes acknowledgement to someone other than the speakers, usually the person addressed, for some good, such as appearence, possession, skill, etc. Other definition according to Goffman (1967) compliments are mostly pointed at maintaining, enhancing, or supporting the addressee’s face and are used for a kind of reasons, the most significant of which is perhaps to express admiration or approval of addresse’s ability or appearance or sense. Accorfing to Wolfson (1983) social factors that should be wisely when analyzing compliments such as sex, status, relationship and cultural background. Based on Holmes (1998; 1993), there are three micro levels in CRs Strategies Categories, and each micro level has several macro levels (addopted Roderigo,2009), here are : a. Accept, stating that the addresse agree with and/or accept compliments; i. Appreciation Token; such as “Thanks”; “Thank you”; “Yes” ii. Agreeing Utterance; such as “I know”; “I am glad you think so”; ”Yeah, I really like it” iii. Downgrading qualifying utterance; such as “It’s nothing”; “It was no problem” iv. Return compliment; such as “You’re not too bad yourself”; “Yours was good too.” b. Reject, stating that addreese giving disagreement to compliments; v. Disagreeing Utterance; such as “I don’t think so”; “It’s nothing special”; vi. Question accuracy; such as“Why?”; “It’s right”; vii. Challenging Sincerity; such as “Don’t lie”; “Don’t joke about it”; “You must be kidding” c. Defect / Evade, stating that the recipients avoid self-praise; i. Shift credit; such as “That’s what friends are for”; “You’re polite”; “My pleasure.” ii. Informative comment; such as “You can get it from (store name)”; It’s really cheap.” iii. Request reassurance; such as “Really?!” “Are you sure?!” According Holmes (1988, p.445,464, addopted Roderigo, 2009), there are different function in women’s and men’s...
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