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  • Published : May 15, 2011
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January 28, 2011

Mr. Wayne Rooney
Manager of XYZ Business Company
10 Manchester Street
Atlanta, GA 31020

Dear Mr. Rooney:
Justification Report on the Addition of New Articles to our Current Collection Due to the lack of diversity of articles, the addition of new articles to the current collection would be essential. As a result, articles being out dated and a good number of them are used as case studies. The addition of new articles to the company is necessary because it would assist in broadening workers understanding of different business strategies, provide new ideas of making XYZ Business Company more successful and to keep workers aware of current changes or additions made in their specialty of interest. After conducting my research on three publications, I chose the Journal of Business Ethics, and International Journal of Business as my two favorites out of the three.

First, the Journal of Business Ethics provides publications on ethical issues related to business, and analyses of systems of production, consumption, marketing, economic accounting, public relations, and organization behavior. I chose it because of its amazing frequency of 29, dating from 1982 till present (2011). Also, in one of its issues in 2011 by Shum and Yam, they suggest a new model that is rapidly growing called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that can fulfill social and economic responsibility simultaneously. It continues by explaining how managers that adopt CSR model will attain profits in their business enterprise. Implementing the use of CSR to our company would help our company rapidly grow and achieve good social ratings when appropriate legal and ethical controls are in place (Shum and Yam, 2011). Furthermore, the style of writing is impeccable; it shows pyramids, statistical data and diagrams explaining the CSR model and interprets the results of each data in a clear and concise way.

Secondly, the Journal of Business which involves articles and...
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