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Topics: Event planning, Festival, Event management Pages: 25 (5711 words) Published: November 19, 2010
Festival and Event Management5
The Growth Strategy8
Consolidation or Stability Strategy8
Retrenchment Strategy9
Combination Strategy9
Post – Event Evaluation13
Vision Statement15
Mission Statement16
Market & Situational Analysis:18
Market Analysis18
Situational Analysis19
Festival/Event Program:21
Festival and Event Finance21
Financial Control:25
Ticket Policy:27
Festival/Event Grant Schemes:28
Financial Accounts:30
Festival and Event Production31
Production Schedule32
Milestone Dates34
Risk Assessment38
The Health and Safety statement38
Emergency procedures39
Environmental policy41
Opening function42
What Is a Marketing Strategy?43
The four p’s43
Marketing and public relations:48
Media plan:48
Print Production:50
Press Releases52


Events come in many different sizes, and cover a wide
range of activities. It may be a small Community fete or a large music festival. Whatever size, they may be, they have common issues including planning, organisation, safety, insurance, disability access, contingency planning and publicity.

This document has been drawn up to provide event managers and committees with a framework that will help them successfully organise their particular event. In compiling this document, an attempt has been made to create a balance between too much and too little. It aims to pool experience and general information, which in one shape or form relates to the majority of events. An event organiser needs to be aware of any current and applicable statutes, regulation, by-laws, approved and associated codes of practice relating to the event or its individual elements and to take appropriate action. This guide is intended to act as a signpost to direct event organisers towards the various sources of help and contacts. This is a working document, the information aims to encourage continuing good practice and to increase knowledge and understanding. Event organisers are reminded of the need to make their own enquiries and to seek competent advice as appropriate, taking particular care to ensure the health and safety of participants and visitors to the event.

Festival and Event Management

Over the years the event industry has grown well to be a respected profession. As with every kind of event, volunteers are seen to be the back bone of making an event or festival successful. The government provide funding and use general elections to promote their parties as they see the potential and strength that events can have on society. Down through the years the logistics have become more increasingly more complex with regards to health and safety legal requirements. Garda vetting, signage, queuing, ticket distribution and also the environmental approach as to where an event/festival is to be located and held all need consideration. All these help to make the event/festival run smoothly and minimise the potential downfalls.

Elements of the logistics system: Reference Festival and Special event management 3rd addition

Figure 1.0
Event/Festival Strategy

Strategies must use strengths, to minimise weakness, avoid threats and take advantage of opportunities that have been pointed out with regards to organisation of the event/festivals.

Several strategies that could help the event manager adopt better are:

The Growth Strategy

Every event/festival manager wants to make their event/festival bigger and better than previous years. This can be seen as either more revenue of event components, participants of consumers, or a bigger share of the event market.

Consolidation or Stability Strategy

This means maintaining attendance levels at a green level. Strong demand for tickets of your event/festival...
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