Eveline vs Louise Mallard

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C. Garrett Dutton
Rebecca Sharpe
English 1102
Louise Mallard vs. Eveline
Calm, careful, and trapped, three adjectives that could describe the two women in these short stories. “Eveline’ by James Joyce is the story of a woman who struggles with the idea of leaving her family and going off to live with her future husband Frank. She says, “Then she would be married -- she, Eveline. People would treat her with respect then.” Throughout the short story Eveline goes through changes, in the beginning she is rash and emotional, but by the end of the story she hides her emotions as if she is paralyzed. Louise Mallard is the main character in the short story “The Story of the Hour,” by Kate Chopin. Louise fells trapped by her husband for the most part of the story , but as in Eveline, Mrs. Mallard holds her emotions well, as she is a strong, inner strengthen type of woman. In the beginning of the story Louise is repressed, but cant leave because during the time period it is the woman’s duties are to work in the house. In these story’s both character’s demonstrate a similar struggle of freedom, not only from their husbands but from societies standards during the time period. Both woman fell trapped in their home’s dreaming about escaping from so called traditional household duties.

Eveline is a women of working class, and she looks at working hard as a chance for a better life. Though Eveline works hard she has an internal conflict with herself on whether she should stay with her family or go marry Frank and live a better life. Eveline fells a devotion to her family, because she promised her dead mother to keep the family together. Yet, Eveline isn’t happy with her job nor is she satisfied with the traditional duties her father sets out for her. In the beginning Eveline dreams about what it would be like to go off and start this new life with Frank, “ It was hard work -- a hard life -- but now that she was about to leave it, she did not...
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