Eve Ensler

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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VE ENSLER. She is the women who introduced the VDAY to the Philippines. She’s a feminist, activist, and an honoured lady that is highly concerned on women’s right.  She’s an author of cult Vagina EMonologues: irreverent, passionate.

Women and men biologically are different. Ultimately, men and women are both human beings with the same fundamental biology and differences in ability that lie more on gender itself.

She opened my eyes that until now there is a great social and gender inequality. Specifically, Congo which she highlight the abuse of women scavengers –they give their bodies in order to get food in the trash bags. That is very depressing to know especially because I am a women and being a women is not easy. We are more emotional and were keeping our image because of the social norm esp here in the Philippines. "No More Rape -We need to say NO MORE. No more ignorance about the situation." - Eve Ensler Author The Vagina Monologues," Founder of V- Day. I agree with almost every word you have said last time in the Luce Auditorium. Under Islam or the sex slave trade across our own borders because it involves so-called protected classes of people that receive special treatment by our public education system and our own legal system. We cannot protect women all around the world, all the time. However, we could do a much better job as private citizens and as a Nation than we do.  Truly, I believe that this is a problem that will have to be solved within our own society, without pressure from the social norm and some unjust culture. And in some of the worst places for women, like Afghanistan and Congo, my concern is in you.
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