Jane Addams and Assignment

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Graded Assignment

Humanitarian Award

Follow the directions in the Student Guide to complete this graded assignment. Your teacher will use the rubric and scoring information at the end of this document to grade your assignment. When you are finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit.

(40 points)


List the four criteria you have established for the humanitarian award and give an explanation of each.

Criterion #1: Establishes Hull-House In Chicago, helping to launch the settlement house movement in the United State

Explanation: Hull House (named for the home's first owner) opened its doors to the recently arrived European immigrants.

Criterion #2: In September 1905, Sinclair helped to establish the Intercollegiate Socialist Society. Other members included Jack London, Clarence Darrow, Florence Kelley, Anna Strunsky, Bertram D. Wolfe, Jay Lovestone, John Spargo, Rose Pastor Stokes and J.G. Phelps Stokes. Its stated purpose was to "throw light on the world-wide movement of industrial democracy known as socialism." 

Explanation:His writing made a huge impact on social/political reforms...especially "The Jungle," which "exposed conditions in the U.S. meat packing industry." After President 

Criterion #3: Theodore Roosevelt fought for the labor movement. The labor movement wanted to make working conditions better

Explanation:Theodore Roosevelt was concerned about saving the environment. He was concerned because he knew that things people did polluted the air.

Criterion #4: She was known as one of the leading "muckrakers" of the progressive era, work known in modern times as "investigative journalism".  

Explanation:She was known as one of the leading "muckrakers" of the progressive era, work known in modern times as "investigative journalism". She wrote many notable magazine series and  :

Evaluation of Possible Nominees

List three possible nominees for the humanitarian award. For each possible nominee, indicate to what extent, if any, he or she meets each criterion.

|Possible Nominee |Criterion #1 |Criterion #2 |Criterion #3 |Criterion #4 | |Jane Addams |Establishes Hull-House In | | | | | |Chicago, helping to launch the| | | | | |settlement house movement in | | | | | |the United State | | | | |Theodore Roosevelt |fought for the labor movement.| | | | | |The labor movement wanted to | | | | | |make working conditions better| | | | |Upton Sinclair |His Writing made a huge impact| | | | | |on social/political reforms | | | |

I Nominate…

The name of the person you nominate to receive the humanitarian award: Jane Addams (60 points)

Now write a biographical introduction that introduces your nominee and explains his or her work and influence in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Keep the following...
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