Evaluation System

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Background of the Study
From day to day process, everyone seeks for perfection, everyone is a judge. Everything must be standardized, from the biggest things down to the smallest ones, especially in the eyes of a critic. According to Trochim (2006), evaluation is the systematic assessment of the worth or merit of some object. And as defined by Hall (2012), evaluation is the process of systematically assessing the design, implementation and impact of programs, policies or projects. With these definitions, the proponents have defined evaluation as a process of criticizing and assessing the functions and performance of a particular event or object to provide a beneficial feedback. Evaluation process is indeed a help in improving and enhancing a performance. It is usually done through the use of pen and an answer sheet. But due to the invasion of high technology, people have lifted up some process from the manual procedures to computerized ones, and there came the computerized evaluation system. This technological advancement will be a big help because it process data more accurately and quickly. It takes place in different areas, like in some colleges, teachers are being evaluated by the students according to their performance. Yet, Rogationist College still implements the manual evaluation process.

Rogationist College consists of a moderate number of students enrolled should consider switching from the manual evaluation process to computerized evaluation process. With its population, suing for manual evaluation will definitely consume so much time. Students are ought to evaluate all of their instructors, thus, subject discussions are being interrupted just to give way for the evaluation. And the HRDM Department also has a hard time of getting the result of the evaluation because they have to tally everything manually. The institution has also allotted fund for the papers and printing for these evaluation sheets.

To give solution to the stated problems, the proponents will develop the Computerized Teacher's Evaluation System for College Department in Rogationist College.

Objectives of the Study
The general objective of the study is to develop a Computerized Teachers’ Evaluation System for College Department in Rogationist College.
Specifically, it aims:
1) To develop a system capable of assessing, storing and printing the result of the evaluation. 2) To develop a system that will provide database as storage of records of the evaluation. 3) To evaluate the performance of the proposed system. 4) To provide a user documentation.

5) To develop a system that will capable of helping the client lessening the time of manual evaluation process. 6) To develop a system that will capable of helping the client securing the identity of the evaluators. 7) To develop a system that is user friendly and hassle free to satisfy the evaluators.

Scope and Limitations

The Teachers’ Evaluation System for College Department is a system that will be capable of handling information gathered from the evaluation. The evaluation is based on the time of the subject of the professor that will be evaluated and it will be conducted in the Rogationist College Computer Laboratory. In addition, it will be capable of working in a network environment. It will require a password for the confidentiality of identity of the evaluators. It will also print the result of the evaluation. The development of the system is bounded during the 2nd semester of the school year 2011-2012. The system will be used by the college students and the human resources department of Rogationist College. It will be the system’s purpose to avoid/solve the long period of time spent during the manual process of evaluation. It will feature a clear view of information and a user-friendly interface for easy navigation. The system will...
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