Characteristics of an Ideal Appraisal System

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  • Published: July 28, 2010
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Characteristics of an Ideal Appraisal System

To start with, a well-developed evaluation process is one that has the support of top administration within the organization and that is viewed as fair and productive by all who participate in them. It is very difficult to create a performance appraisal. It is also difficult if the organization does not have a logical, well-tested, step-by-step progress to follow in developing their new procedures. Therefore, there is no such thing as a perfect appraisal, however; it is very important to implement a good Appraisal form. Creating a new performance appraisal system is difficult work. For this reason there are many steps that we must follow as business man and women to create one for the business and now we create one for class and here are the steps to take to create a good one. Nonetheless, remember there is not a perfect one and I will go in details later to create a great appraisal form. First, Get top management actively involved. Without top management's commitment and visible support, no program can succeed. Top management must establish strategic plans, identify values and core competencies, appoint an appropriate Implementation Team, demonstrate the importance of performance management by being active participants in the process, and use appraisal results in management decisions. Second, establish the criteria for an ideal system. Consider the needs of the four stakeholder groups of any appraisal system: Appraisers who must evaluate performance; Appraises whose performance is being assessed; Human Resources professionals who must administer the system; and the Senior Management group that must lead the organization into the future. Further, Identifying their expectations at the start helps assure their support once the system is finally designed. Furthermore, ask each group: "What will it take for you to consider this system a smashing success?" In the meantime, appoint an Implementation Team. This task force should consist of both appraisers and appraises, from different levels and functions in the organization. The implementation team is responsible for accomplishing the two major requirements for a successful system. First, developing appropriate appraisal forms, policies and procedures. Second assuring a successful deployment. Four, Design the form first. The appraisal form is a lightning rod that will attract everyone's attention. Design the form early and get lots of feedback on it. Don't believe anybody who tells you that the form isn't important. They're wrong. Equally important, make sure it assesses both behaviors and results. There is an ideal model for the employee performance appraisal form. And getting the form right is essential to effective employee performance management. Since, the appraisal form is the lightning rod that not only attracts everyone's attention, but also focuses organizational energy on the issues of highest priority. An ideal form has five key components that cover 1.) Organizational competencies, 2.) Job competencies, 3.)Key responsibilities, 4.) Goals and major projects and 5.) Individual achievements and accomplishments. The first two components of the form are, Organizational & Job Competencies, The first two sections of the employee performance appraisal form focus on the "how" of the job, and the way the individual goes about accomplishing his results, the behavioral elements of the job. Top management should identify the competencies expected from every member of the organization, regardless of the individual's job or level in the company. The other behavioral element of an employee performance appraisal assessed in a perfect form is job-specific competencies. The third component is, key job responsibilities, and represents the major aspects of an individual's job - the importance of the position that ideally would be listed in a well-written job description. Just provide space in this part of the employee...
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