Evaluate the Usability Cloud Computing Architecture and Framework in Business

Topics: Cloud computing, Amazon Web Services, Amazon.com Pages: 9 (2568 words) Published: May 30, 2011
Executive Summary

This research proposal plans the research for “Evaluate the usability Cloud Computing Architecture and Framework in Business” topic. The questions about the features of Cloud framework and the usability of Cloud in global business are proposed. The research plans to solve the questions such as the usability of these advantages for global business and the issue to use Cloud for global business. Some practical products will be also analysed to find out benefits and drawbacks of existing business platform or products which based on Cloud framework.

The methodology of the research is also proposed. Exploration will be done both in technology fields and products fields by researching previous research papers and existing products. Features will be concluded and analysed for global business purpose and statistics from experiments, third-party test results, previous research papers and official announcements will be analysed in the research report.

The research will finally try to conclude the usability of Cloud Computing Architecture and Framework for global business and show the benefits by using Cloud-based system. Some issues and future works are also plan to be discussed in the research reports.

Table of Content

Introduction- 4 -
Background of Cloud Computing Area- 4 -
Research Title- 5 -
Research Questions- 5 -
Research Objectives- 5 -
Review of Existing Research- 5 -
Cloud Computing Area- 5 -
Architecture- 6 -
Technique Issues- 7 -
Business Products- 7 -
Methodology- 8 -
Exploration:- 8 -
Analysis- 8 -
Significance- 9 -
Conclusion- 9 -
References:- 9 -


Background of Cloud Computing Area

In this proposal, a research to analyse and the benefits of Cloud Computing to business is planed. Cloud Computing has been the most prevalent topic in recent year. It is a concept of using computing resource with no limitation of the location or the equipment with the growing of Internet. As a long-held dream in IT industry which has the potential to integrate fragmentary computing resources and provide powerful services, many great company like Amazon, IBM, Google and EMC has spent great amounts of money and provide their own services or products in recent years. IBM delivered its own Cloud Computing project “Blue Cloud” in 2007. (IBM, 2007) Google and EMC are not reconciled to go behind them. Google announced this own Cloud storage online through Google Doc (Google Doc, 2010) and EMC also released it own Cloud Storage Infrastructure: Atmos in 2008. (EMC, 2008) Amazon S3, which is one of the famous Cloud Computing products, has been used by millions of people all over the world. It provides resizable computer resources capacity in cloud computing area. (Amazon Web Service, 2010) It has an extremely fierce competition in this area.

There are various types of definition for Cloud Computing. One definition from SearchCloudComputing.com (SearchCloudComputing.com, 2009) is that Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet. These services are broadly divided into three categories: Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service. Another definition is that “A cloud is a pool of highly scalable, abstracted infrastructure that hosts your application, and is billed by consumption”. (Staten, 2008). Generally, people think Cloud Computing provide a scalable, stable and efficient service with transparent and secure characteristics, combined different levels and different located computing resources.

Although Cloud Computing framework has its own advantages like efficiency, flexible, unlimited storage, cost-effective and so on, it brings many issues because of the new technology. Privacy and Security issues are significant to the users of Cloud Computing. The implementations of these two fields are difficult so it is hard to guarantee the security and privacy of user...
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