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MUG 306

Event:Program Jejak Bakat UiTM
Venue:SMK Seri Jementah & SMK Bandar Putra, Segamat, Johor. Date:16th & 17th of February 2011
The ‘Program Jejak Bakat UiTM’ is a programme that was organized by UiTM Music Faculty. The purpose of this event is to promote Music Faculty and encourage students especially Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) graduates to apply for music course in UiTM. The target school is mostly school with music subjects offered in the school. So, for this event the school chosen to cooperate is SMK Seri Jementah and SMK Bandar Putra, both were in Segamat Johor. SMK Seri Jementah for is new in music subject in school, as the school introduced music subject in late 2010. So it is perfect for Music Faculty to promote music to gain interest from students in this early state. SMK Bandar Putra on the other hand already has a Music Club and has a marching band. So they can be persuaded to continue their music studies in higher education at UiTM. This event last for two days, the first day at SMK Seri Jementah While the second day continued at SMK Bandar Putra.

In this programme, UiTM sent two groups of students along to perform in the event. The first group is a choir group and the other group is a ‘keroncong’ group. I am one of the ‘keroncong; group member. These two groups were chosen because both group performances can exhibit the application of musical theory and technique. For example choir uses the SATB and ‘keroncong’ uses a lot of rhythm comping and unique instruments. These features are expected to attract student’s interest in learning music deeper.

The event went about the same on both days. Early in the morning the UiTM group arrives to the school concerned. They’re welcomed with a performance from the students representing each school. Then the headmaster of the school gave a speech,...
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