Ethics Case of Candy

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  • Published : January 24, 2013
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The Case of Candy
Professional Orientation & Ethics
October 10, 2012
Dr. Jarrell Smith
South University

The Case of Candy
Candy is a 14 year old girl and she comes from a broken home with recently divorce parents. Her acting out in class may be as result of her parents being divorce. She has a boyfriend who is 15 years old and they have unprotected sex which resulted in her pregnancy. The boyfriend has already established he isn’t ready to be a father. This leaves Candy with the decision to have an abortion but she isn’t really sure she can go through with it.

As her counselor, I would like to first sit down and discuss why she has made the decision to have an abortion. I would like to know ask what she knows about the procedure and find out what her feeling really are about the procedure. I would help her with researching and understanding the pros and cons of an abortion. Her best interest and safety is my main focus. I would also help her with understanding other options she may have that are less invasive.

Assuring her she isn’t the only girl that has had to deal with such a situation, I would provide her with alternative methods to handling her situation such as adoption. We would also explore her support system at home. I would attempt to arrange a session with her and her parents to help with coping and communication issues, since Candy is a minor. I would advise her parent consent would be needed for the abortion procedure. She is 14, and she should not have to go through making a decision such as this alone.

I would explain my views on abortion but I would not try and influence her decision. Even though I personally would not consider the procedure as an option due to my religious beliefs, I judge no one that choses it as an option. I believe in abortions as an option for those who are victims of rape or medical abortions to save the mothers’ life. I believe by exploring her options may help with limiting some anxiety she may be having...
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