Abortion: Why Is It Wrong?

Topics: Pregnancy, Religion, Murder Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Approximately 1.3 million unplanned pregnancies end in abortion every year. Women believe that there are many reasons to abort such as fear of having or raising a child, not having enough money, or having complications with their work responsibilities or their education. Whatever the situation, I believe that there is no acceptable reason to get an abortion. Some important reasons why women should not abort have to do with human values, religious values, and values of conscience. The first reason why women should not have an abortion is related to basic human values. Women need to think about their unborn babies, who are not responsible for this situation. The unborn babies should have the privilege to live and grow into a normal human being. Women need to be more humanitarian and less egotistical in their decision to have a baby. In an article by Discovery News, scientists state they have found a growing organism on planet Mars. It is ironic that when we find a single celled organism on Mars, we exclaim “There’s life on Mars!” Yet, when a woman becomes pregnant, we falter in defining whether or not the organism growing inside of her is considered “life” or not. It is not necessary to kill an innocent life; there are many other solutions to resolve this problem short of abortion. The second reason deals with religious values. In almost all religions, a woman is not permitted to have an abortion. If the women goes forth with an abortion, she will be disgraced by her religion. It is said that abortion is murder of the unborn child. In the Ten Commandments it states “Thou shalt not kill.” If a woman believes in the Ten Commandments it is hard to contemplate the thoughts that would allow them to do this. Finally, the third and most important reason why women should not get a abortion is related to her conscience. After a woman has an abortion, she will always think about the baby for whom she might have given life. She will think...
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