Topics: Programming language, Computer program, Algorithm Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: October 5, 2012
Question 1:
What was the motivation for the creation of higher-level programming languages? How did the introduction of higher-level programming languages change computing? *The motivation for the creation of higher-level programming languages was because people were looking for ways to make coding faster, less error-prone and resemble human grammar and syntax more closely, and are often portable to different operating systems and machines.

* The introduction of higher-level programming languages change computing where programs can be moved from one manufacturer's computer to another ,which led to an increasing number of people writing the computer programs .

Question 2:
Give four examples from the book of how a social condition influenced the deployment of a new technology? 1- The need to manipulate large amount of numbers, they used manual calculation as it influenced the growth of the manual calculation market. 2- The need to handle great volumes of information led to invent punched card tabulation and data processing system . 3- Also they want to access the computer in less expensive which led to the development of time sharing. 4- The development of BASIC is an important step for making computer accessible to a wider audience as it was an easy-to-learn programming language.

Question 3:
Give four examples from the book of a social change brought about by the adoption of a new technology. 1- When The telephone were placed in home ,the traditional boundaries between private ,family life and public ,business life became blurred .The telephone enabled the creation of first "on-line" communities using party lines. 2- The adoption of mechanical calculators led to the “deskilling” and feminization of bookkeeping 3- Time-sharing systems allowed many people to access the computers, which they used it for educational purposes. 4- Television also made an embarrassment mistake which influenced the U.S. Presidential...
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