Ethical Leadership in J&J Response to Tylenol Case

Topics: Leadership, Morality, Public relations Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: December 7, 2012
The measure of true leadership abilities are always tested during time of Crisis. Whenever an organization/company faces tough times, there is always more than one reason for things to go wrong and loose the control of situation. Great leader have one thing in common and that is the ability to assume control of situation, bring everyone together and get the situation back to normal. The way Johnson and Johnson responded at the time of crisis to what is called as a national threat in American history is yet another example of strong leadership and the steps J & J took were all grounded with strongly ethnic roots which not only followed the humanitarian code and values but also exemplified company commitment to the society and its people and build trust for the organization.

It was a horrifying case that took lives of seven innocent people. The news of death being related to Tylenol broke out as a surprise to the company and was faced with dilemma of protecting people or company image. The company showed great leadership ability and took quick and responsive action and issued a public statement, stopped all the ads and production of further Tylenol until the issue is discovered and resolved. The company also demonstrated an example of authentic leadership and took the responsibility of the situation even though it was discovered the tampering has not to do with J & J and has been done at retail level. And the major decision J and J took by putting people life beyond any losses & recalling all the existing Tylenol products on shelf and not risking any further lives. In the profit driven market where every organization fundamental aim is to make profit and protect the share value, J and J actions were morally responsible and based on greater good for society and had ethical roots. Though there was every reason for J & J to worry about company losses and share value but they stick to the company Credo (ethic manual) and took actions that followed...
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