Johnson & Johnson

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Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson
It should be no surprise that there is developing research suggesting that certain organizations that meet the criteria of being compliant or ethical are inclined to perform better in the financial market on fundamental operational metrics, including shareholder buy in and return. The characteristics found in successful businesses are typically the same as businesses that are also labeled as ethical or compliant. Organizations that focus on being accountable, good communicators, consistent, and controlled, generally outperform their peers financially. This is why most organizations have a code of conduct when it comes to legal or acceptable business behavior. Considering industry standards and government law, and in turn creating a code of ethics within a business, can help the organization understand how to conform to ethical actions. Creating a culture of responsibility and integrity can also serve as a method of achieving exceptional financial performance for that organization. The backbone of sustainability for many organizations is commonly a strong set of standards. In order to accomplish this, the business must make the every day incorporation of these standards a priority. One business that has succeeded in doing so is the New Jersey based Johnson & Johnson. This company’s innate sense of placing the needs of those they serve first is certainly key in how they have generated a philosophy of following ethical behavior. By identifying processes as a company that uphold SEC regulations, Johnson & Johnson has secured success and great financial strength. To help ensure that Johnson & Johnson conducts business ethically, the organization has set forth a number of policies that outline their expectations for their employees throughout the enterprise. Johnson & Johnson’s employees are required to adhere to the individual laws where they do business, and clear direction is provided on how they...
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