Studer International

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  • Published : March 18, 2012
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Case Study: Studer International
Like many other companies reeling from the economic crisis, Studer International found itself trying to stay afloat and save the company from bankruptcy. Stemming from a late night meeting it was affirmed that the company was going to have to maintain strong leadership in order to get through layoffs and rally employee morale (Daft, 2011).

The morning after the meeting, Dean Adams learned that a key manager, Sue Chan, had resigned from her post as chief security analyst. Adams’ boss told him that it was critical that they keep key managers in place as they weather the storm and if Studer lost any, be sure to replace them with ones who can handle the stress and make tough and unpopular decisions (Daft, 2011). Adams thinks of current employees that could possibly replace Chan and one employee came to mind, Julie Cobb. Question 1

The leadership skills necessary in a corporate environment characterized by instability and turmoil are integrity, confidence, knowledge, drive and passion. Julie Cobb demonstrated a number of these skills in her current position at Studer International. She has shown her knowledge becoming a respected expert in her field (Daft, 2011). Julie Cobb maintained her integrity by holding a high ethical standard while others were making questionable business decisions (Daft, 2011). Julie also showed her drive and passion by being a results oriented go-getter focused on the future of Studer International (Daft, 2011). Question 2

It is my opinion that a people pleaser would not make a successful key leader. People pleaser’s like to be liked and tend to navigate away from confrontation (Hyde, 2011). Julie Hyde goes on to say that people pleasers make decision-making lengthy and a difficult process, they lose focus and clarity in their direction, they are controlled by others emotions and they lose the ability to communicate with power (2011). These examples are not attributes you will find in a key...
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