Ethical Issues in Hrm Strategy

Topics: Human resource management, Management, Human resources Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Ethical Issues in HRM Strategy
Strayer University
HRM530: Strategic Human Resources Management
Traci Hill Roberts
Dr. Leslie Wills

Human Resouce Management is important within an organization for managing the organizations employees and supporting the organization’s business strategy. In my role as an HRM Consultant I am bringing with me a wealth of knowledge and experience. I am a well rounded HR professional with knowledge, skills and abilities in all the Human Resources Competencies. These competencies can be outlined as (Stewart 2012): Business knowledge – I am aware in which type of industry my new employer functions. Human Resource Practices – I am well versed in recruiting, hiring, training and compensation aspects. Managing Change – I have experience in developing supportive relationships and I know how to encourage creativity in others. As I begin working for my new client, I am made aware of some common issues that I have experienced with some of my other clients - namely managing employee performance, managing change and transition, and employee’s use of social media within the workplace. These areas are common amongst most companies and I find that this new company is no different. Many companies struggle with defining clear performance expectations and ensuring that employees develop accountability for their performance. In addition, with the current economy and the need for companies to continually downsize and change job functions, this current employer is struggling with effective communication and employee motivation while managing changes within the work environment. Lastly, the use of Facebook and Twitter is spilling over into the office and effecting productivity and the company image. Is it appropriate for me to share the HRM strategies of some of my previous employers with this new one? There are ethical dilemmas that could arise. It could be considered a conflict of interest and thus jeopardize my current employment. The...
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