Ethical Issues

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In this paper, I will be discussing an ethical issue. I will talk about employees that steal at the workplace. I will have a fact based scenario. The unethical issue will be stealing and selling the stolen property. Also, I will be explaining how the student, teachers, and Detroit Public Schools are affected by the theft. I will apply how the business code of ethics applies to this situation. I will state in my conclusion how this issue can be resolved.

Ethical Issue
Stolen Property
This ethical issue is that Robert Williams was stealing from Detroit Public Schools. He sees it as ethical to steal $70,000 worth of computer equipment, were as he does not think that is right or wrong; good or bad. The way that I viewed it is wrong and bad because stealing causes problems and it really is an ethical issue which should be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Back in 2008, a former Detroit Public School employee used the school’s forklift to load $70,000 worth of new computer equipment on a Detroit Public School truck and drove away. Of course this was not recognized for a while, even though he used his employee access card to enter the gated warehouse after business hours and also was recorded by the surveillance cameras. One of the school contractors was able to identify the employee as 49 year old Robert C. Williams (Detroit Public Schools Employee Indicted for Theft, 2009).

Unethical Issue
The unethical issue is stealing. If we continue to let people steal what we work hard for, then we will never have anything. I believe individuals who steal should be brought to justice because it is wrong and very unethical. They may not see the issue as wrong or tight, but you have to think how it is viewed by the public. That is why they have rules that should enforce the issue.

Selling Stolen Property
The property that was stolen was split up in 3 ways with Williams, and 2 other accomplices. The computer equipment was stolen and sold on the streets for $250. Now that he has been found guilty of receiving and selling stolen property he will receive 5 years in Federal prison, which is the maximum penalty for a conspiracy charge, and 10 years maximum penalty and $250,000 fine in the theft charge. Because the computer equipment that was stolen from the school was used and was purchased with money that was funded by the government, the FBI was involved (Detroit Public Schools Employee Indicted for Theft, 2009).

Who is affected?
Students are affected because in the “real world”, computers have taken over and are used for everything. This is a new era for information technology. Detroit Public School kids need the experience of using computers when they become adults to fill out job applications because there are few jobs that use paper. Children are needed to have computers in school equip them with the skills of technology that is required to have a successful career in just about any field that they would pursue later in life.

Teachers are also affected by the stealing of the computer equipment. Teachers are being laid off because the Detroit Public School system is in debt. They do not have enough money to provide supplies for all the students that are overcrowding the classrooms. This, as well as the loss of equipment prevents the overall learning and teaching environment. Teachers have to change lesson plans to fill in the gap when they are supposed to teach computer skills. Teachers are stressed and deserve more pay because of the issues that arise.

Detroit Public Schools
Detroit Public Schools are struggling to figure out how they can replace the stolen computer equipment that was federally funded and supplied for the schools. I know they only get so much money a year from the government and they have to use what is funded to them to get supplies and make it go as far as possible. This is a problem when they are...
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