Ethical Educational Perspectives

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  • Published : May 10, 2013
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Prof.Dr.Mary Hermina
Dr. Naglaa AbdElAziz Mahomud

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Islam Abd El-satar El-Ebiawy

Ethical Educational perspectives
Ethical standards in education contain basic principles, procedures and behavior patterns based on commitment to core values that are deeply rooted in education. Ethical standards enable educators, students and administrators to maintain and promote quality education. The purpose of this document is to provide a set of basic ethical principles that define the professional responsibilities of university professors in their role as teacher. Ethical principles are conceptualized here as general guidelines, ideals or expectations that need to be taken into account, along with other relevant conditions and circumstances, in the design and analysis of university teaching.

Ethical Principles in University Teaching 
Ethical Principles in University Teaching was developed by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, and is endorsed by the winners of the national 3M teaching award whose names appear on the cover page. The document was created by individuals actively involved in university teaching, and will be distributed to university professors across Canada. The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education believes that implementation of an ethical code similar to that described herein will be advantageous to university teachers (eg., in removing ambiguity concerning teaching responsibilities); and will contribute significantly to improvement of teaching. For these reasons, STLHE recommends that the document be discussed thoroughly at Canadian universities, with input from professors, students, and administrators, and that universities consider adopting or implementing ethical principles of teaching similar to those described in this document. Principle 1: Content Competence

Principle 2: Pedagogical Competence
Principle 3: Dealing With Sensitive Topics
Principle 4: Student Development
Principle 5: Dual Relationships with Students
Principle 6: Confidentiality
Principle 7: Respect for Colleagues
Principle 8: Valid Assessment of Students
Principle 9: Respect for Institution

Principle 1: Content Competence
A university teacher maintains a high level of subject matter knowledge and ensures that course content is current, accurate, representative, and appropriate to the position of the course within the student’s program of studies. This principle means that a teacher is responsible for maintaining (or acquiring) subject matter competence not only in areas of personal interest but in all areas relevant to course goals or objectives. Appropriateness of course content implies that what is actually taught in the course is consistent with stated course objectives and prepares students adequately for subsequent courses for which the present course is a prerequisite. Representativeness of course content implies that for topics involving difference of opinion or interpretation, representative points of view are acknowledged and placed in perspective. Achievement of content competence requires that the teacher take active steps to be up-to-date in content areas relevant to his or her courses; to be informed of the content of prerequisite courses and of courses for which the teacher’s course is prerequisite; and to provide adequate representation of important topic areas and points of view.  Specific examples of failure to fulfill the principle of content competence occur when an instructor teaches subjects for which she or he has an insufficient knowledge base, when an instructor misinterprets research evidence to support a theory or social policy favored by the instructor, or when an instructor responsible for a prerequisite survey course teaches only those topics in which the instructor has a personal interest. Principle 2: Pedagogical Competence

A pedagogically competent teacher communicates the objectives of the course to...
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