Ethical Dilemmas in Organizational Communication

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Ethical Dilemmas in Organizational Communication
COM425: Communication in Organizations
September ,2010
Ethical Dilemmas in Organization Communication

People around the world face Ethical Dilemmas in Organizational Communication daily. With this said, I have chosen two of ten situations to analyze and determine which ethical standards I would use to face each situation as opposed to the correct thing or what I should do, according to the text, Fundamentals of Organizational Communication: Knowledge, Sensitivity, Skills, and Values.

The first dilemma I have chosen is number one. The situation is this: You are the newly appointed personnel director for a large beverage distributor. Your new job responsibilities include screening all applicants for promotions to management positions. Your company’s usual procedure is for the personnel director to screen applications and select the top three for further interviews with management. You also know that the president of the company does not want a woman on his personal staff. Your current decision is difficult because your most recent vacancy is on the president’s personal staff and your top three applicants are female. You can send your three applicants to the president and wait to see what happens. You can rethink your selection criteria and try to have a male applicant in the top three. You can reopen the position, hoping to attract additional qualified applicants. You can confront the president about his discriminatory posture. What would you do? What should you do?

If I were faced with this dilemma, I would first screen my applicants thoroughly to be certain that they are, in fact, qualified for the position and would be able to impress the president if given the opportunity. If I was certain that the president did not want woman on his personal staff, meaning I had first hand heard this from his mouth, I would ask his reasoning to this. I would then discuss why I had chosen the woman as the top...
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