Ethical Dilemma Case

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Social responsibility Pages: 6 (1032 words) Published: July 8, 2011
CASE ANALYSIS: Should we go beyond the law

I. Ethical dilemma

• Nathan Rosillo is faced with an ethical dilemma. It seems that the river is the company’s least concern in its effort to make profit again. Here are the following issues that need to be addressed in this ethical problem:

o First and foremost, standards from regulatory agency were loosened in such a way that wastes can now be directly dumped into Dutch Valle River. Nathan, finds dumping of waste materials in the river as ethically and socially irresponsible. Nathan is now faced with the ethical dilemma of taking steps necessary to preserve the river which he envisions his children to enjoy as much as he did.

o Second, is with regards to the opposition of his direct supervisor and plant manager, which according to them, they wanted to push through with the dumping of the waste to the river since it is not against the law and they were resistant to environmental and social concern of Nathan.

II. Methodology, Analysis
• Nowadays, there is a renewed emphasis when it comes to ethics and social responsibilities among organizations. • Most managers now realize that paying attention to ethics and social responsibility is an important business issue as paying attention to cost, profit and growth. (Daft, 2010) • In the given case, there are many principles, framework and concepts that will lead Nathan towards arriving at the moral judgement that is ethical

| | | |CONCEPTS, FRAMEWORKS, PRINCIPLES |APPLICATION TO THE CASE | |Ethical Framework of Utilitarianism. Utilitarian approach |Each alternative that Nathan Rosillo can propose should take all | |looks into decisions that optimizes the benefit of the |parties including the company, residents of the community, the next | |greatest number of people. |generation , himself into consideration and choose the one that gives | | |the benefit to most of the parties involved. | |Guided with the framework are the bioethical values: | | |Beneficence | | | | | | |Nathan should be responsible to take actions that is beneficial not | | |only to him, but also to the company and the population. | |Non-maleficence | | | |Nathan must do actions that could harm the environment. | | | | |Stewardship |We are caretakers of our environment, this holds true for Nathan’s | | |case, where he should be a good steward to the environment as well. | | | | | | | |Kohlberg’s Moral Development Theory application. Post- |Nathan’s case,...
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