Ethical Dilemma

Topics: Lie, Employment, Truth Pages: 3 (646 words) Published: December 2, 2011
Maame Akosua Mante Appawu Gifty Paditey Paterah B.Haruna Mark Fuachie-Sobreh Thelma Adjei Elvis Asiedu Frimpong Jerry Adjin-Tettey Adu-Gyamfi Kwabena Roberta Sarkodee

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Lies Defined
1) To make a statement that one knows to be false, especially with the intend to deceive. 2) To give a false impression. 3) Anything that gives or is meant to give a false impression.

1. Is it ever okay to lie in business?
Although other schools of thought believe that lies;  help conceal confidential information from clients  to help save unpleasant/complex situations  as a tool for making gains/revenue

However, in a business context we believe it is NOT okay to lie.

Reasons (-)
 It is unethical and unprofessional  loss of credibility and distrust  It sets bad precedence  Lying could lead to a violation of

friendship which is a valuable part of human life.  Withdrawal of license/permit to operate or closure of business In a nut shell, lying can cause an inestimable damage to business.

Reasons not to lie (+)
 Establishing a business where honesty and integrity are the

standard has commercial benefits. It can be from the reputational perspective: attracting and retaining the best talent, having people invest in the organisation because of that reputation, or being an organisation with which other organisations wish to do business and with which governments are comfortable building business, which flows through to the share price health

 Transparency rather than concealment is the path to better mental

Do you think it is fair to fire an employee who lies no matter the nature? To fire an employee for lies, one must consider whether the lie is;

 connected to the business or  not connected to the business For instance an employee returns to work after a break and shares with his employer "Oh yes, I went sky diving at the weekend and didn't even use a parachute” which may...
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