Lie and Business Context

Topics: Lie, Business ethics, Ethics Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: September 5, 2012
Ethical Dilemma
Lying in Business
Q1: In a business context, is it ever okay to lie? If yes, what are those situations? Why is it okay to lie in these situations? In my opinion it’s not ok to lie as it is not ethical regardless of the situation. Businesses should be of fair in their dealings. One should always try to turn around the deal by working to improve such factors which would ultimately lead you to a lie in the business. In reality some people do lie in the business context to manipulate the situation or to gain an advantage which is not ethical. Qs2: A recent survey revealed that 24 percent of managers said they have fired someone for lying. Do you think it’s fair to fire an employee who lies, no matter what the nature of the lie? Explain.  If 24% were fired that means 76% had not been fired by someone for lying. This shows that the people who were fired was because of a serious lie and not a mild one and that the nature of the lie would have been such to take action against them. Managers always take into account all the relevant information before taking action. Firing employees could also turn out into legal action so it has to be taken in consideration with caution and intelligence. Qs3: In business, is withholding information for your own advantage the same as lying? Why or why not? Withholding information isn’t lying it is concealing and that is not lying either. Lying is deliberate and intentional issuing of misleading or passing on false information to another person. In a business withholding information on a general level is not lying but if it’s done for ones advantage then it is as good as lying. This kind of an act is highly unethical and would be considered as a lie. Managers at times do withhold information which is confidential in nature in order to sustain the trustworthy relationship they have with the top management and working together for the benefit of the company. This confidential information would be revealed at the right time...
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