Ilm M3.11

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ILM Level 3 Work Based Assignment
M3.11 Building The Team

Developing and maintaining trust at work

Developing and maintaining trust at work is essential for structure and balance within the working environment and for a business to be successful in its chosen fields. Trust is built on the following, respect, honesty, integrity, communication, attitude, approachability, manners and commitment. Trust can be broken down by using a trust model that then incorporates decision-making factors and situational factors. Decision making factors consist of the following:

How risk tolerant is the trustee?
How well adjusted is he/she?

Situational factors consist of the following:
How similar are the parties involved?
How secure do the parties feel?
Does the trustee show concern?
Have they shown predictability and integrity?
Do the parties have good communication between them?
How much power do they have?

Confidentiality is important for building and keeping trust in the work place, from senior managers down to the different departments within the business and onto the different workstations on the shop floor. When an employee confides in a person, who is in a position of trust, it is then that persons responsibility to keep and make sure that the information given to them is kept in the strictest confidence unless told otherwise by the trustee. Any breach of this confidentiality will break down trust between the parties involved and do serious damage to any respect that existed between them it would also have an knock on effect through all departments within the organisation and in worse case scenarios it could lead to legal action being carried out.

Building the team

An example of a group in my place of work is our start of shift meeting between the shift manager/myself the team leader/cell leaders/logistics charge hand/ line leaders from packing and assembly/the maintenance department. The shift manager would...
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