Ethical Audit Report of Hp

Corporate social responsibility, IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, Greenhouse gas

Table of Contents
Executive summary1

List of abbreviations and glossary terms4

List of figures5

Brief company overview6

Part A: Identifies ethical dilemmas facing HP and provides stakeholders’ perspective on those dilemmas6

Overview of ethical dilemmas6


1.1.Ethical issues in operations6

1.2.Ethical issues in products8

2.The scandal9

3.Superdome test sabotaged9

4.Stakeholders’ perspectives9


4.2.The scandal11

4.3.Superdome tests sabotaged13

Part B: Evaluates the importance of each dilemmas and finds the main ones, assesses how HP is dealing with them by applying ethical theories14

1.Environmental issues14

2.The scandal22

Part C Find out the best ethical practices and values of HP in real life24

Part D Summarizes HP’s solutions for all of its ethical issue and gives recommendations to answer them29








Appendix A Email from HP Environmental Support Specialist34

Appendix B: Diagram of stakeholder theory37

List of abbreviations and glossary terms

- CO2 – Carbon dioxide

- CSI – Corporate Sustainability Index

- CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

- EICC – Electronic Industry Code of Conduct

- GHG – Greenhouse gas

- GDP – Gross domestic product

- ICCP – International Climate Change Partnership

- NCF – National Cristina Foundation

- NGOs – Non-governmental organizations

- SBC – Standards of Business Conduct

- SMEs – Small and medium-sized enterprises

- SOS – Security Outsourcing Solutions

- WWF – World Wildlife Fund

List of figures

Figure 1 – Ethical dilemmas that HP is facingPage 4

Figure 2 – different perspectives of stakeholders on environmental issuesPage 8-9

Figure 3 – stakeholders’ perspectives on the scandal...
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