Est Task 2 - Ethics Program

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Midwest Non Profit Consulting Group Ethics Program

A.  Develop an appropriate standards and procedures section, such as a code of ethics.


Midwest Non Profit Consulting Group (MNPCG) will provide management consulting services to nonprofit organizations with a strong commitment to providing a public service. Our client base works hard to improve the quality of life for all people in communities across the state of Minnesota. As a nation leader in non-profit organization groups, Minnesota and it's people have high standards we must adhere to. We must serve these organizations with honesty, and maintain the integrity of each organization providing them with impartiality, fairness, and remain dedicated to their welfare as they are providing safety and welfare to the people they serve. Our service to each organization is a direct reflection of their values and goals and these are tied very closely with public perception of each group. As we help increase awareness for causes that we are associated with, we must acknowledge that each organization is under the direct support of the government in the form of grants, contracts and tax laws, foundations, corporations, small businesses, individual gifts and donations as well as the general public. This high level approach to servicing our clients will ensure solid integrity and accountability for the work we do.


All MNPCG Leadership, Managers, Certified Professionals, Legal, Staff and Contract Personel (referred in the code as "member") are required to adhere to this entire code for both the betterment of everyone in this organization as well as our clients and the people they serve.

- Every MNPCG member will at all times follow these principles: integrity, objectivity, commitment - Regard for the safety and welfare of the general public is our number one goal, and all consulting must hold this in regard when revealing methods to client. - Members will secure confidentiality of the client by...
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