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Topics: Marketing, Bottle, Recyclable materials Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: June 13, 2013
What is the biggest challenge of “Est” Cola by Serm suk? What will be your recommended marketing strategy for Serm suk to overcome such challenge? The challenge number one of Est-cola is to build the brand to be known in Thailand. But at present they already have been recognized by customers with the second leader share in this industry. The next challenge that they need to face to is how to be number one and also have the brand equity from the customers. According to the Est-cola or Serm suk company’s strengths that they have knowledge about thai market that Thailand as a unique beverage market where returnable glass bottles still play a major packaging role, representing more than a half per cent of the market, with PET bottles and cans making up the remainder. This is Serm Suk capacity for handling returnable glass bottles, which are owned assets, is their unbeatable advantage. The volume of returnable glass bottles is still growing. The strong point is their distribution system Serm Suk has five bottling plants and 48 branch offices throughout the Kingdom. The company has 1,200 sales trucks, 150,000 coolers and more than 200,000 retail outlets and eateries that are ready to support the est product line that make them can launch their products to be at almost every shelf in the store and restaurant all over Thailand with less time consuming because the firm's history strength as experience for six decades of Thailand's beverage industry. In just eight months, the staff at Serm Suk succeeded in their first-ever attempt at creating this "new baby" brand from scratch, and getting it to market, according to the news.

Moreover, another strategy that they have done and should continually do that is to be available in seven different package sizes both returnable glass bottle and a one-litre PET bottle. Addition with the promotions that they launch to attract the retailers to keep their product in the shops with high profit after cost than the others are the...
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