Project: Ez Motor

Topics: Marketing, Marketing research, Marketing management Pages: 25 (7435 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Baruch College, City University of New York
Executive Master of Science in Marketing TPE17
Professor Noel Hayden

EZ MotoCover™

Christopher Chiang
Christine Chuang
Shahad Huang
Josie Chung


Situation Analysis
Marketing analysis
               -Market Description 
               - Target Consumer Description
               - Direct and Indirect Competition                - Current Competitive Strategies                 - Market Shares 
               - Available Distribution Structure                - Key Environmental Factors
Product Analysis

Summary of External Factors
Development Process

        - Target Market
        - Positioning
        - Timing Requirement
        - Marketing Efforts
        - Economic Summary
        - Other Special Marketing Efforts
        - Issues to be considered at Launch


Summary of Major Support Activities Needed

Chronological Schedule of Activities

Introduction EZ MotoCover™ Futai Group is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of rain gear products and components including umbrellas, rain wear, umbrella ribs, etc. The Company’s strengths include its fully integrated capabilities which allow it to have full control in realizing rain gear products, from product design, component manufacturing to final assembly. The Company is dedicated to creating innovative and practical rain gear products to protect consumer from the elements. Futai’s objective is to maintain the No. 1 leading position in rain gear product market. To achieve this goal, FU-TAI has to come up with ground-breaking innovations, targeting a unmet need of specific market segment. To be the first in a new market would promise considerable growth in revenue and profit, as well as in brand recognition. Providing the highest quality most innovative products with a competitive pricing strategy, Futai has served as the sole supplier for leading luxury brands such as Channel and Burberry. Futai has controls in the key factors, technology, and materials in manufacturing rain gear products. It became the leader and up-stream in Taiwan umbrella markets. Futai is the first umbrella company in Taiwan, it is the pioneer of production line leading nine companies for supplying the technology research and manufacturing. In Taiwan, people who ride the motorcycles often face the rainy days pretty often, this is really inconvenient for any riders to put on a raincoat on the roadside, but still end up with completely wet when they arrive at home. In response to the daily life in Taiwan, EZ Motorcover is the products Futai company wants to create a convenient raining accessories for Taiwanese motorcycle riders. It is a new product that is a better, safer, and more convenient method of protecting motorcyclists from rain. It has a revolutionary and easy-to-use design that helps consumers keep dryer, feel more comfortable and avoid accidents when riding their motorcycles.

Situation Analysis > Marketing analysis EZ MotoCover™ Market Description
At a glance at Taiwan's crowded roadways attests, the domestic market for motorcycles has pretty well reached the saturation point. The narrow lands of Taiwan, coupled with the limited area of the city roads, the commuting traffic congestion situation becomes quite serious, the small size of motorcycles, convenient parking, and high mobility let motorcycle become one of the effective way to solve the traffic problems of the majority of urban people, especially the rapid economic growth in Taiwan for last two decades, everyone can afford the motorcycles, the motorcycle market grow rapidly. On the other hand, Taiwan as an island, the average weather is warm and humid which includes lots of ocean currents affect and bring Taiwan reaching the average...
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