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Union bank:
As an international student, coming to a new country completely alien, I have a lot of new experiences, of which there are plenty on offer but there are some difficulties and inconveniences. When I first arrived to Taiwan, because I bring lots of cash, so I and many other students want to quickly go to the bank to open a card accounts. Not familiar with the roads, the banks near our school is the first choice, that is the Union Bank. We think the banks are the same, they must have the staff can speak English, because the bank is the transaction of all parts of society, including tourists from many countries in the world, moreover today's English language has become a common and necessary. But when I came to UB to ask to open an account, no staff in there can understand what I was saying, and there is no willingness to understand customer’s needs, we had to take a lot of time and used many different ways in order to they understand what we want, but the only thing they have to do is ask us go to another bank. Maybe because running out of time to work so we are fortunate to have the management of UB, but disappoint us again that even one bank's management can’t speak or understand English. As a result, we still do not get what we want, in addition to the frustration of UB, and I don’t want to go back to UB again. UB doesn’t have to be the standard for a good service as: responsiveness, assurance, empathy, the only thing we are satisfied about UB is pretty good facilities (tangibles). Thereby we can see UB has yet to fully provide service quality for customers.
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