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  • Published: February 3, 2011
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Cabinet Shuffle: Too Little, Too Late
Much waited changes turn out to be little more than an excuse to reward crony BJ Nottage for his party-switching antics. Prime Minister Perry Christie last evening announced several adjustments to his cabinet in addition to giving a ministerial position to Senator BJ Nottage. Dr Nottage, the former leader of the Coalition for Democratic Reform, rejoined the Progressive Liberal Party at the PLP convention last year. He will now replace Senator Dr Marcus Bethel as Minister of Health with the added responsibility of National Insurance. "This is a position that really suits him. He has had a long and famous career in the difficult challenges that face the health care in our nation today," Mr. Christie said. The prime minister said that the portfolio of National Insurance and Health will also extend to National Health Insurance, and he also said that he government that is made is to said to introduce as soon as possible in a form that will make sure its is ” which my government is determined to introduce as soon as possible in a form that will ensure its lasting maintained. Dr Bethel-he now has responsibility for Energy and the Environment. Mr. Christie said this will include responsibility for BEC and relations with the petroleum industry. Dr Bethel also will be responsible for the development of a national energy policy incorporating traditional sources of energy and to renew energy alternatives as well. He will now be responsible for renewing downtown into a sophisticated location and apply our status as the tourism leader in the region. Part and parcel of this redevelopment will be the relocation of our commercial port to the southwestern end of the island," the prime minister also said. Neville Wisdom- Instead of only Youth and Sports Neville Wisdom will now be providing affordable housing prices to the Bahamians.Mr Wisdom has brought a great deal of energy and imagination duties as Youth and Sports Minister. Mr. Christie also announced that he will continue to do all of this with no doubt and he will also bring the same strengths and talents that he mentioned to the matters that he have added to his portfolio. The nation's cultural affairs that Mr. Wisdom earlier had responsibility for will now fall under the Office of the Prime Minister. Mr. Christie also assumes responsibility for Bahamas air and the Urban Renewal programme. Shane Gibson- Mr. Christie said that he has done a tremendous job but he also said that he feels he is ready for a larger challenge as Minister of Immigration, Labour and Training. Mr. Gibson's primary order must essentially be the forceful and pitiless enforcement of our Immigration laws. Mr. Christie also said that he is a tough, no-nonsense, get-the-job done individual who will prove himself equal to the weighty challenges that he has now given to him. Vincent Peet -is to become the Minister of Financial Services and Investments. Mr. Peet's new ministerial portfolio will be the new Domestic Investments Board that was foreshadowed in last week's Speech from the Throne. This will be designed to speed up the empowerment of Bahamians as entrepreneurs and justice owners in the Bahamian economy Allyson Maynard Gibson- Mr. Chrsite said that he is the country's new Attorney General and is now charged with the task of making the Departments of Legal Affairs and Public Prosecutions, and the entire judicial system, more responsive to the rising caseloads they carry. Alfred Gray -retains responsibility for Local Government, but will now also head Consumer Affairs. Leslie Miller-now takes over the new Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources. Perry Christie said that Mr Miller is a true believer when it comes to having faith and confidence in the ability of Bahamians to excel in what they often arrogantly refer to as our secondary industries. He said that he proved this when he acted as a pioneering trailblazer in the private sector for the local manufacturing...
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