Essay Writing Fashion's Role in the Construction of Social Identities

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Fashion always played a big role in culture and personal identifying. It remains the main point in characterizing appearance and social status of the individual. As a cult, fashion always was a subject of interest on historical, sociological and cultural analysis. People always want to have a distinct way to characterize themselves within their appearance. During all the history of fashion its role in personal development remains very important and actual. This paper will deal with the concepts and ideas of fashion as an industry and social identity.

First of all it is a crucial need to define the term “social identity”. Turner during his research stated, that this is a portion of an individual self-concept which is derived from perceived membership in a relevant social group. (Turner, 1986). It also predicts actual social behaviors in the groups according to their status and legitimacy in the intergroup environment (Taijafel, 1979). Regarding fashion as a symbolic way to express style and cultural identity, it also makes an impact on other levels of the social ladder. Choosing the look and appearance, person visualizes his or her identity. Nevertheless it can be not so concrete and even artificial. That is why sometimes prejudices upon different styles of clothing can generate negative and dramatic views of the society. Teenagers and other social groups have different ways of expressing themselves, and the main reason is to feel unique and belonging to certain areas and groups of interests. “People, sometime interact with objects, in this case garments, as if they are humans, sometimes because they want to show to others what they believe they represent” (Adelman, 2008).That is true, that cloth dictates a lifestyle of a person and visualizes his or her attitudes towards every aspect of the lifestyle. It also gives a reason to stereotype a look with distinct views and ideas. It can even cause a chaos in the society on a very large scale. The materials...
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