Hotel Rwanda

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Based on history the conflict between the Hutu and Tusti people of Africa arose from a power conflict. Both people at one time lived harmonious together in the same country. But, after their Belgian leader left power, power was left in the hands of the Hutu people that had been oppressed for many years. The Hutu’s then decided to take revenge and begun killing as many Tutsi people as possible. This in turn began the genocide killings of the Tutsi people. 1/10 of the population had been murdered; 800,000 people in close to 100 days. The genocide in Rwanda was the fastest and most efficient killing in history. The nature of the conflict between these two groups is that in history the Belgium’s decided to take the Tutsi people under their guide and assisted them and not the Hutu people. The Hutu people had been oppressed and due to anger and frustration and once the Belgium’s left power the Hutu people took that as a open door to express there years of suppressed aggression. The sources of the ethnical conflict arose from indirect separation and segregation. They believed that the Tutsi people were less than people and were worthless. The nature of Paul’s conflict is that he is on the Hutu ethnical side but he tries to save as many Tutsi people as possible. He was given a Hutu shirt and he bought considerable amounts of supplies from the rebels themselves. Paul tried to stay as natural as possible but his family and friends were Tutsi and he could not see them killed. His wife and children Tutsi caused many issues. The Hutu rebels wanted all Tutsi people to be killed no exceptions and Paul did everything that he could to save everybody. He took money and expensive drinks from the hotels vaults to pay for as many live as possible. Paul’s ethnical Hutu background could have been negative but he used it to his advantage as much as he could to save as many people as he could. Social Identity Theory is described as a person sense of who they are based on there social...
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